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Sales Executives and Sales Agents

We’re always on the look-out for talented sales professionals to work selling in to our Independent retailers and Cash & Carry customers.  Experience of electricals and houseware products is essential.  Knowledge of working with import businesses is also preferred.  We recruit either on a permanent full-time basis or take self-employed agents.  Our sales people are commissioned on achieved sales.  If you are self-motivated, hardworking and ambitious then please send us your CV.  Below are the terms under which all our Agents work

Merchandiser/Supply Chain

Currently, we're fully staffed.  However, we always like to hear from talented supply chain people so that as we grow we're ready to bring in new talent.  Below is a typical advert we run when recruiting:

Reporting to the Supply Chain Manager you will be an aspiring leader looking for fresh challenges and room to grow your career.  Numeracy is a must as is an analytical mind capable of assembling stock data, rates of sale and timelines to plan future purchases and identify products that are fast selling or slow moving.

Experience of working in an Import/Freight Forwarding environment is essential.

The role:

Manage stock targets, product availability, and sales targets to agreed KPIs

Work closely with Sales staff to establish product sales forecasts and plan Buys as required.

Manage Far East and Indian suppliers to deliver a smooth flow of product in to the business.

Maintain supplier production/capacity based on company stock requirements.

Review customer sales forecasts against plan and drive sales forward.

Manage day to day trading keep watch on sales and margins.

Only apply for this role if you are an experienced merchandiser/supply chain/stock controller from a retail or wholesale background.  You must be able to demonstrate experience on your CV working for import type businesses. You will be comfortable making overseas telephone calls to suppliers to chase product orders, shipments and deal with production issues.  Attention to detail is essential as are good computer skills (especially Excel).  You will be a confident and succinct communicator able to liaise with people at all levels of our business.

Europasonic is a fast paced business working in an exciting sector.  If you enjoy hard work and have the personality, drive and ambition to contribute to our business then you'll enjoy working with us.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of our team then drop us a line at


Sales Agent Contract Terms:


DATE OF Agency Agreement                                                                     2013



Europasonic (UK) LIMIted (Company Number 01394171) [whose registered office is at 11 Sherborne Street, Manchester M3 1JS (“Principal”).


THE AGENT (“Agent”).


A              The Principal sells various electrical and houseware products. The Agent wishes to act as the Principal's agent in the Territory and the parties now wish to set out the terms on which the Agent will act as agent.


1              DEFINITIONS

The following words which begin with capital letters in this agreement have the precise meanings set out below.

"Designated Customers" means the designated customers handed over or introduced to the Agent by the Principal at any time after the Effective Date, and shall not for the avoidance of doubt include customers who have been introduced to the Principal by the Agent.

"Effective Date" means [START DATE].

"Force Majeure" means, in relation to either party, any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of that party, (including, without limitation, any strike, lock out or other form of industrial action).

"Net Sales Value" means in relation to invoiced Products taking the invoice value after deducting:

(a)            value added or other sales tax;

(b)            any charges in respect of transport or insurance; and

(c)            any refunds, discounts, credits or returns.

"Products" means the products offered for sale by the Principal from time to time in its published trade catalogue or otherwise agreed between the parties.

"Territory" means the are of the United Kingdom assigned to the Agent.

“Trade Marks” means the Principal’s trademarks under which the Products are sold.

"Year" means successive twelve month periods commencing on the Effective Date/date of signing of this agreement.

2              APPOINTMENT

2.1           The Principal appoints the Agent as the Principal's non-exclusive agent to obtain orders for the Products from customers in the Territory.

2.2           The authority of the Agent is limited to soliciting orders on behalf of the Principal for the sale of Products in the Territory at prices and on delivery and other terms specified and agreed from time to time by the Principal. The Agent shall have no authority to sign contracts for or on behalf of the Principal nor to commit the Principal to any contractual obligation.

2.3           The Agent has no authority to receive any monies payable to the Principal unless expressly authorised by the Principal to do so.  If, notwithstanding this provision, the Agent does receive any such monies, the Agent shall not pay such monies into any bank account and shall immediately ask the Principal for instructions.

3              DURATION

3.1           This agreement begins on the Effective Date and continues, subject to clause 9, unless and until terminated by written notice given by one party to the other.  The appropriate length of notice shall be:

(a)            one month during the first Year of this agreement;

(b)            two months during the second Year of this agreement; and

(c)            three months during the third and subsequent Years of this agreement.

3.2           The notice may be given at any time and the end of the notice shall coincide with the end of a calendar month.

4              COMMISSION

4.1           Subject to clause The Principal will pay the Agent commission at the rate set out in Schedule 1 (or such rates already in force where this is a continuing Agreement) on the Net Sales Value of the Products delivered by the Principal in the Territory (in respect of which cleared funds have been received by the Principal) pursuant to a contract secured by the direct efforts of the Agent:

(a)            during the period of this agreement;

(b)            after the termination of this agreement but where the order from the relevant customer reached the Principal before such termination.

For the avoidance of doubt, Regulation 8 of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 shall not apply.

4.2           Commission will become due to the Agent upon the date of payment in full by the customer, subject to Clause 4.4. For the avoidance of doubt, no commission shall be payable to the Agent until and unless payment is received by the Principal from the relevant customer.

4.3           The Principal will pay commission once a valid invoice is received from the Agent, not later than the last day of the month following the month of receipt of the invoice.

4.4           The Principal will supply to the Agent a statement of the commission payable to the Agent setting out the main components used in calculating the amount of the commission.  On receipt of the report the Agent will promptly issue an invoice in respect of the commission due.

4.5           The Principal will give to the Agent all the information, and in particular an extract from the Principal's books, which is available to the Principal which the Agent needs to check the amount of the commission due to the Agent.

4.6           Any entitlement to commission shall be extinguished and any commission paid to the Agent shall be refunded if and to the extent that it is established that the relevant transaction will not be executed and that fact is due to a reason for which the Principal is not to blame.

4.7           The Agent shall not be entitled to commission under clause 4.1 where the Principal has an obligation to pay commission to a former agent in respect of the same transaction, unless it is equitable because of the circumstances for the commission to be shared between such former agent and the Agent.  Commission already paid to the Agent shall be refunded to the Principal if and to the extent that such commission is payable to a former agent.

4.8           The Principal is entitled to set-off against any monies payable to the Agent all lawful claims and monies due to the Principal from the Agent.


5.1           The parties will act in good faith and will co-operate to maximise sales of the Products in the Territory.

Agent's duties

5.2           In performing this agreement, the Agent will look after the interests of the Principal and act dutifully and in good faith, and in particular (but not by way of limitation) the Agent will:

(a)            use its reasonable endeavours to market and sell the Products;

(b)            make proper efforts to negotiate the transactions in respect of which the Agent is instructed to act;

(c)            communicate to the Principal all the necessary information available to the Agent;

(d)           comply with all reasonable instructions given by the Principal.

5.3           The Agent confirms that the customer records referred to in clause 5.2 above shall be and at all times remain the property of the Principal;

5.4           The Agent shall not:

(a)            pledge the credit of the Principal in any way;

(b)            use any advertising promotion or selling materials in relation to the Products except those supplied or approved in writing by the Principal;

(c)            engage in any conduct which in the opinion of the Principal is prejudicial to the Principal's business or the marketing of the Products generally; and

(d)           transmit orders from customers concerning which the Agent knows or ought reasonably to know that they are in a critical financial position.

5.5           All sales of the Products by the Agent on behalf of the Principal shall be made on such terms and conditions as the Principal in its absolute discretion may from time to time determine. The Agent shall not make or give any promises, warranties, guarantees or representations concerning the Products other than those contained in the said terms and conditions.

5.6           All sales of the Products by the Agent on behalf of the Principal shall be at the price specified in the price lists which shall from time to time be supplied to the Agent for the purpose by the Principal. 

5.7           Title to the Products shall at no time pass to the Agent.

5.8           The Agent shall:

(a)            give such advance notice to the Principal of potential orders as may reasonably be required to enable the Principal to maintain adequate stocks of the Products; and

(b)            Immediately notify the Principal of each order for the Products obtained by the Agent.

Principal's duties

5.9           In performing this agreement, the Principal will act dutifully and in good faith, and in particular (but not by way of limitation) the Principal will:

(a)            provide the Agent with the necessary documentation including sales, advertising and promotional material and literature relating to the Products; and

(b)            obtain for the Agent the information necessary for the performance of his duties to the Principal.

5.10         Nothing in this agreement shall restrict the Principal's absolute right to refuse any order whether secured by the Agent or otherwise and the Principal shall owe the Agent no commission or other compensation as a result of any such refusal.

5.11         The Principal shall be under no obligation to reimburse the Agent any expenses incurred in the discharge of the Agent's duties under this agreement.

6              CONFIDENTIALITY

6.1           The Agent will keep information relating to the business and affairs of the Principal and Products confidential both during the period and after the termination of this agreement and shall not disclose to any person or third party.  This obligation shall cease if and to the extent that any such information enters the public domain without breach on the part of the Agent.

6.2           The Agent undertakes that all such confidential information released to the Agent by the Principal shall be used solely in the performance of the Agent’s duties and obligations under this agreement.


7.1           The Agent is authorised to use the Trade Marks in connection with the Products in the performance of obligations under this agreement subject to the Principal's prior written approval as to the form and manner in which the Trade Marks and trade names are used.  The Agent will not use the Trade Marks or trade name in any other way.

7.2           The Agent shall not acquire any interest in the Trade Marks or trade name through the performance of this agreement.

8              FORCE MAJEURE

8.1           If a party is affected by Force Majeure it shall notify the other party immediately of the nature and extent of it.

8.2           A party shall not be deemed to be in breach of this agreement, or otherwise be liable to the other, by reason of any delay in performance, or non performance, of any of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that such delay or non performance is due to any Force Majeure of which it has notified the other party, and the time for performance of that obligation shall be extended accordingly.

9              TERMINATION

9.1           A party shall have the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect by written notice to the other if:

(a)            the recipient is in material breach of this agreement where the breach cannot be remedied;

(b)            the recipient is in material breach where the breach can be remedied but has not been remedied after the other party has served notice requiring it to be remedied within 30 days; or

(c)            the recipient is unable to meet its financial obligations, is insolvent, in liquidation, or bankrupt (according to the jurisdiction of the country or state of incorporation or domicile), or enters into any arrangement with creditors.

9.2           This agreement shall terminate automatically in the event that the Agent (being an individual) dies or reaches the retirement age of 65 years.

9.3           This agreement shall terminate automatically in the event that the Agent (being a company) ceases to trade.

9.4           Termination shall be without prejudice to any antecedent breach or liability.


10.1         On termination of this agreement for whatever reason, the Agent will:

(a)            within 7 days of the termination date, return or otherwise dispose of (as the Principal directs):

(i)             any samples;

(ii)            any confidential information released to the Agent;

(iii)           any advertising, promotion or sales material

which remain in the Agent's or the Agent’s employees' possession at the termination date;

(b)            immediately cease to promote, market, advertise or sell the Products;

(c)            certify that all confidential information has been duly returned and that the Agent has not retained any copies;

(d)           provide to the Principal a completed and up to date list of all of the customers (actual and potential) visited or canvassed by the Agent; and

(e)            immediately cease to use the Trade Marks and trade names of the Principal.

10.2         The Principal shall be entitled to withhold any payments due to the Agent until the Agent has delivered to the Principal a complete and up to date list of all of the customers (actual and potential) visited or canvassed by the Agent.

10.3         For a period of eighteen months from the date of termination of this agreement for whatever reason, the Agent shall not, whether on the Agent’s own account, or as an employee or in any representative or consultancy capacity, directly or indirectly engage or be concerned within the Territory in the promotion or sale of goods competing with the Products to the Designated Customers.

11            indemnity on termination

11.1         On termination the Agent shall have no claim against the Principal for compensation for loss of agency rights, goodwill or other such loss (save for the avoidance of doubt a claim for damages by reason of any antecedent breaches by the Principal of the terms of this agreement) otherwise than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this clause 11.

11.2         In the event that the Agent is a Commercial Agent within the terms of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993, and is entitled in accordance with such Regulations to an indemnity or compensation on termination of this agreement under Regulation 17, the parties specifically elect that the Agent shall receive an indemnity.


12.1         The Agent may not assign or otherwise transfer all or part of the benefit of this agreement without the consent of the Principal.

12.2         The Agent may not, without the Principal's prior written consent sub-contract or otherwise delegate any of the Agent’s obligations under this agreement whether to a sub-agent or to any other person.

13            VARIATION

13.1         No variation of this agreement will be permitted unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.

14            SEVERABILITY

In the event that any one or more of the provisions contained in this agreement shall for any reason be held to be unenforceable illegal or otherwise invalid in any respect, such unenforceability illegality or invalidity shall not affect any other provisions of this agreement and this agreement shall then be construed as if such unenforceable illegal or invalid provisions had never been contained in it.

15            NOTICES

15.1         Any notice, statement or other document to be given or supplied to a party, may be so given or supplied:

(a)            by delivering it to the party concerned;

(b)            by leaving it at his/its proper address addressed to the party concerned by name.  For these purposes "proper address" means in the case of a company its registered office or other trading address and in the case of an individual or partnership his or their private or other trading address; or

(c)            by sending it by post to the party concerned at its, his or their proper address.

15.2         Such notice, statement or document shall be deemed given or supplied on the date of delivery or leaving or, if sent by post, on the first working day after posting.

16            ENTIRE AGREEMENT

16.1         This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties in respect of this agency and supersedes and cancels all previous arrangements and understandings.  Acceptance by the Agent of Commission is acceptance of the terms of the Agreement.

16.2         Nothing in this agreement shall create, or be deemed to create a partnership or the relationship of employer and employee between the parties.

16.3         The parties to this agreement do not intend that any of its terms will be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person not a party to it.


The validity, performance and construction of this agreement shall be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

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