Our Ethics

We’ll never claim to be perfect but we always try to do the right thing.

We work closely with our customers to understand your own ethical policies to ensure what we do fits with what you’re looking to achieve. As an importer of goods we work with factories in countries such as China and India. We’re aware that such countries have different standards of health and safety, employee welfare and environmental protection than we might find in the UK. As such, we take particular care to select factories that meet our exacting requirements and those of our customers. Our buyers and Quality Assurance team spend time overseas visiting factories and either conducting our own audits or working with third-party independent audit assessors who perform regular production site audits. We address such points as child labour, forced labour, working hours, freedom of association and living wage. We also look at site safety, security, health and safety matters as well as environmental protection. We can’t change the world but we can try and influence factories and work with them to get better. We’re proud of the partnerships we have with our suppliers and remain sensitive to working in a responsible way that is profitable for all parties.

Our values

We like to keep things simple so we live by three values:

·         Our customers come first

·         We’re stronger as a team

·         We strive to be better everyday

We translate these values in to the way we work with you. We’ll not duck difficult situations or bad news. We’ll enjoy celebrating success but never rest on our laurels. Individually and as a team we are all working for you. We’ll invest time with you to understand your own business and the issues you face so that together we have a trusting relationship that goes from strength to strength.

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