Take the Europasonic Pilot Idea Challenge!

We love being creative. So much so that if you have an idea that you want to bounce off someone come and test it with us. We’ll create an ideas workshop of product advocates and detractors as part of our EPIC process. It will prove to be a lively debate that is designed to help create the best possible product (or quickly kill a potential flop!).

We can involve your employees, partners, suppliers and customers as part of the EPIC innovation process.

If the idea swims we’re skilled at taking a ‘wish or idea’, all the way to production. This means working with you and your team in a practical hands-on way on everything: through conceptual design, schematic design, testing, design of outer and inner parts, prototyping, certification, tooling, pre-production red-label and gold-label samples and final production. The job ends only when the product is in your store for sale.

All the major product development skills are in-house. Where specialised product testing and design skills are needed we have over 30 years expertise working with partners that can be trusted to provide these skills and services. We also recognise that your own company will have their own special skills and we work with your in-house experts in a similar manner. By doing this we make it easier for the final product to be launched to your customers.

By continuously monitoring the entire process from start to finish, with regular customer input, it is possible to keep time scales and costs to a minimum.

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